January 12, 2012

Unsuccessful negotiation

Something went on between Walgreens and Express Scriptsand it led to the former being out of the latter's network of pharmacy providers. What happens now to the people who rely on getting their prescriptions filled at Walgreens? Well, they have to find another pharmacy now. I know that will become a hassle and I don't blame the people for getting mad over the unsuccessful negotiation of the new contract between the two. As you should know, Walgreens did their best to get the contract signed. They offered to hold their rates as is. They offered to match the prescription costs of those under Tricare network, where the troops are under. They offered a lot but was disappointed that Express Script wants to control a lot of things.

For those who still want Walgreens to be their pharmacy provider, they are now offering memberships to the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens! Families and individuals alike can become members of the club. Family membership is offered for a meager $10 a year and that will include members of the immediate family as well as the spouse and dependents 22 years old and younger as well as pets. Individual membership is $5 a year. Want to become a member and continue enjoying the benefits you are getting from before and better discounts now?

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