May 25, 2010

Licensed to Chill

Alan Steward:s amazing album "Licensed to Chill"

US Recording artist and Producer Alan Steward is hitting all the right notes with his unique Electronic World Fusion style and heading for the international charts with his album "Licensed to Chill" and the single "Buddha Bar Fly" The album features voices from 7 different countries and some really funky beats to go with it.

If you enjoy chillout and psychedelic music like Enigma, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack but wish it had just a little more "kick", you will love Alan Steward's music. We included a video clip for your enjoyment and if you live in Europe, you are really in luck as Alan is touring Europe throughout the year 2010. Feel free to share this video clip with your friends.

You can visit Alan's web site at

You can find Alan Steward's music on iTunes at

free wordpress themes

Are you looking for wordpress templates? Well, look no more! For Wordpress users out there, you can find templates you can use for your blogs or web sites. Personally, I am always on the lookout for functional themes that are pleasing to the eyes. If you are, too, then go to now.

May 16, 2010

Modern furniture for modern living

We mostly have modern furniture at home. I am not much into antiques and similar stuff. I love the look and feel of modern living. I am thinking of getting leather sofa as a replacement of the one I have now. Anything that screams modern is fine with me. If you are also looking for modern furniture like me, just go to now.

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May 10, 2010

antique bathroom vanities

The old house they rented had these antique bathroom vanities in three rooms. It was beautiful and made her want to buy one for her own bathroom. She can find one at now.

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Neil Kornswiet and Other Real Estate Professionals See Steady Increase in Oakland

Although real estate values are plummeting in most cities and will continue to do so, there is good real estate news in many pockets of the country. There is even good news in Oakland, showing a slow but steady increase in the market which has seen a whopping 48 percent decrease in home values since 2006. Real estate experts like Neil Kornswiet are watching the market in major cities like Oakland, and experts from a variety of firms are making informed speculations on where the market is moving. Although the news isn’t as good for Oakland as it is for San Francisco, there should be modest gains over the next two years, and the values should stop dropping very soon.

The other good real estate news for Oakland is that home values should increase by 0.4 percent by June 2011. This is a small and slow gain compared to cities like Seattle and San Francisco, though, and there are several reasons for this. The factors that are keeping things from moving along quicker are the numerous foreclosures and the adjustable rate mortgages that are currently resetting or are about to reset. But many communities in this city are highly sought after, and for buyers who have been closed out of the market during the real estate bubble, this could be the time for sales to start increasing noticeably.

Although unemployment rates are high and Fiserv predicts another 11.7 percent drop in the value of homes in Oakland through the summer, businesses such as Clorox, Dryers and Kaiser Permanente that call this city home should help bolster increases after that. As the economy begins to look up again and layoffs die down, there is good reason to believe it will have a dramatic affect on home values. The nearby educational institutions in Berkeley and San Francisco also provide a foundation for a solid economy once the dust settles.

Experts say the good real estate news for Oakland is that home prices will begin increasing by double-digit amounts in June and that the average rise in home values over two years will be 0.4 percent.

May 5, 2010

Beautiful hair

Chaz Dean knows that women need... a beautiful hair that will complement a beautiful face and body structure. Women can now say goodbye to bad hair days. I know only too well how bad it is to be in that situation. You can't control your hair, it's frizzy or it's going in every direction. You just know you need help in making your hair look beautiful, soft and shiny.

Want to try a healthy hair care system that will transform your hair? Try the WEN® Healthy Hair Care System. For a 30-day supply, you only have to pay $29.95. It's that affordable! Now, healthy hair can be achieved in a matter of days. What I like about WEN is that they are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. Imagine this, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can return the products within 60 days of delivery and even if the containers are already empty, you will be refunded of the purchase price. Good deal, don't you think?

I say, try WEN! I am sure that Chaz Dean knew what he was doing when he created the healthy hair care system that will give us a new approach to cleansing the hair. Go to now and change your hair for the better!

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May 3, 2010

March Group Works with Middle Market Businesses

The March Group is a mergers and acquisitions company founded in 1986.  They specialize in the marketing, negotiation and sale of middle-market businesses.  Today the March Group has 9 offices across America as well as office in 3 other countries.  Their staff of over 200 professionals has built a strong network of business relationships with buyers and investors around the world.  Whether you're looking to sell your business, buy or invest in a new business the March Group can help you.

The March Group understands that running a business can be tough.  And trying to manage the sale of your business at the same time can be a challenge.  Especially if you are not experienced in selling a business there are several unexpected challenges you could run into.  That's where the March Group comes into play.  They have the experience to manage the marketing, negotiation and sale of your business while allowing you to focus solely on the success of your business.

Or maybe you're trying to buy or invest in a business.  The March Group has developed an online tool to help you find a business that matches your criteria.  The goal was to provide their customers, people like you, with up-to-the-minute access to a large list of businesses for sale.  If you sign up to become a member this tool will also allow you to save prior searches for easy and quick access.  By developing this tool, the March Group has cut the buyer or investor’s time in half with all the information they need at their fingertips.

With offices all across the country and a staff of over 200 professionals you can rest assured that the March Group has the resources to help you.  For those looking to sell a business the March Group can relieve the stress of negotiation.  And for the buyer, the March Group has provided the tools to reduce the amount of time they spend looking for businesses that meets their criteria so they can spend more time comparing their options.

May 2, 2010

Welch Allyn Atlas Monitor

A neighbor has set up a room for their old relative in their house. The neighbor is sick and our neighbor is looking to buy a Welch Allyn Atlas Monitor and a Welch Allyn CP100 EKG . It can be brand new or used but they prefer the latter since they are allotting the chunk of their funds for medicine. I do hope they can get it as soon as possible. As well as the Zoll M-Series Defibrillator that I heard them talk about.

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