July 18, 2014

My Idea of Heaven

Kids will always be curious about a lot of things, they always ask us brilliant questions that make us pause for a moment and think, but you always find yourself stuck on how to deliver your answer without giving too much that triggers them to ask a series of questions later. You always have to give them answers that make them imagine things in a different and beautiful kind of way.

How would you describe heaven for them? Some kids talks about death. I for one have asked that question like a million times and I should be prepared to answer this to my own kid in the future. Most kids especially toddlers to pre-school would view death as something temporary, people die but they will be reincarnated to another life. Heaven is different, we all have our own ideas about heaven; mine back then was being up in the clouds and I would be lying down in a pillow of fluffy clouds. Some kids would view them as a place full of chocolates and candies.

Whatever it is heaven is somewhere special, where we live in peace. Don’t imply your thoughts directly on your kids, let them think magically.

June 7, 2014

Uniformed Clothes on Chinese New Year

Most people wear uniformed clothes on the Chinese New Year last time. But one thing I know for sure is my family won’t do that. Because my mother said that we would look like the government worker. I laugh out loud at her comment. But, for our family trip to china, we have the same clothes. It’s just a t-shirt with the Beijing attraction in the middle and our family going vacation title.

The tour guide noticed it too and smile at my family. My family is the only one with that uniform t-shirt for family vacation. I am not sure what I should prepare for my next family vacation to Hong Kong, maybe the same hat or jacket. But, actually it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is spending your vacation with your loved one no matter what you wear. Memory is important that uniformed clothes. And my family realized that.

May 13, 2014

I Like Cooking the Way I Want

I like cooking without guide, and I think it’s because I like to be on top of things. The food I cook is always cooked depending on my own tastes and health issues. I found out about cooking from scratch when I began reading labels on processed foods – the chemical soup we eat when we purchase packed foods was incredible. Some of the chemicals might be advantageous and even delicious, but I cling to the foods that have had compeers of human analysis. When I find a food that I like, I cook it the way I want it, I sometimes omit the ingredients from it that I’m not familiar with or I don’t like.

Amazingly, my version commonly turns out better. I put in far less salt and sugar than most commercially ready foods. One of the best externalities that have one can get from cooking the way you want it is that that grocery bill is considerably abridged.

April 26, 2014

Good Sleep, Better Life For My Baby

There had been series of events that lead to what I am worrying right now. When we went to the grand baby fair, one of the freebies is a baby care magazine. I browsed through it. I came across an article on SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It was a narration of a mom. I deeply felt sad because she did not know what really happened. True to its name, it was sudden. I felt worse that doctors can’t even trace what really happened.

I researched some more. It said there that those who died are seemingly healthy babies between two to four months. Babies are advised to be sleeping on firm mattresses and a fitted sheet. All other stuffs like pillow, stuff toys, etc. I guess my little one does not need a memory foam toppers but hubby and I really love to use that.