April 26, 2014

Good Sleep, Better Life For My Baby

There had been series of events that lead to what I am worrying right now. When we went to the grand baby fair, one of the freebies is a baby care magazine. I browsed through it. I came across an article on SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It was a narration of a mom. I deeply felt sad because she did not know what really happened. True to its name, it was sudden. I felt worse that doctors can’t even trace what really happened.

I researched some more. It said there that those who died are seemingly healthy babies between two to four months. Babies are advised to be sleeping on firm mattresses and a fitted sheet. All other stuffs like pillow, stuff toys, etc. I guess my little one does not need a memory foam toppers but hubby and I really love to use that.

April 12, 2014

New Home New Beginning

My parents together with my two younger sisters moved into a new house a couple of days ago. Its not a big place but according to my mother its just right for the 4 of them. One I visited them yesterday the first thing that I noticed was the pots and pans organizer. i asked her when did she start being so organized?

She told me that for this new home, she thought that she would try a bit harder to make things a lot better for all of them. She is actually referring to becoming an organized person and at the same time the best mother that she can ever be. She wanted to start a fresh one with the two girls. Hopefully this new thing will last longer than the last 30 something fresh starts that we have seen before.

Making your Mom Feel Extra Special

Mothers, for me, are the most underappreciated people. They serve their families 24/7—always there to make meals, do house chores, help with financial matters, raise the kids, tend to their husbands, and even care for their parents and in-laws! But how much of them are appreciated? Only a few; most are taken for granted. Only one day is dedicated for them—Mothers’ Day—and some of them hardly even feel special during that day!

This is the reason why it is a must to make your mother feel special every now and then and make her realize how much you appreciate all her effort and hard work. A simple massage for no reason will certainly liven her up and make her day. Perhaps a short thank you note to let her feel that she is not being taken for granted, or a ‘day off’ every now and then will do the trick. Just remember to constantly remind her that she is a blessing to the whole family and, without her, life would be so much harder to bear.

The Most Beautiful Place

Migrating to the United States is one of the top dreams of most Filipino people. I honestly can’t blame them for wanting it because surely the life there is far better than the life here. I used to work at the http://www.sunnyislesmiamirealestate.com. Most of the clients that I have is either rich family living within the country as well of well-off Filipino families settling in the country.

When asked why they choose the place, their answers are quite simple, for them this is one of the most beautiful places to live in the world. They are not entirely wrong but don’t get me wrong, living here is not really a bed of roses but the hardship is definitely worth everything.